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MB Sample ID: SA028003

Local Sample ID:279436
Subject ID:SU000563
Subject Type:Animal
Subject Species:Canis lupus familiaris
Taxonomy ID:9615
Age Or Age Range:1 year - 15 years
Weight Or Weight Range:5 kg - 40 kg
Gender:Male Neutered or Female Spayed
Species Group:Mammal

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Collection ID:CO000557
Collection Summary:Blood collected by peripheral venipuncture into red top tube (containing clot activator). Blood was allowed to clot, then centrifuged at 2000 g x 7 minutes between 20-30 minutes after sample collection. Serum was frozen immediately after separation (always within 1 hour of collection) at -80 C.
Sample Type:Blood (serum)
Collection Method:Peripheral venipuncture
Collection Location:Jugular, saphenous, or cephalic vein
Collection Frequency:Once
Storage Conditions:Room temperature until centrifugation. Then -80 C immediately after separation from red cells. Serum was thawed once on ice, 100 uL aliquots taken, and aliquots re-frozen (at -80C) until use for metabolomics.
Collection Vials:Red top with clot activator
Storage Vials:Cryovials (polypropylene with silicone gasket - Fisher Brand)
Collection Tube Temp:Room temperature
Blood Serum Or Plasma:Serum