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MB Sample ID: SA057941

Local Sample ID:161115aZKsa24_1
Subject ID:SU001008
Subject Type:Cultured cells
Subject Species:Auxenochlorella protothecoides
Taxonomy ID:3075

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Collection ID:CO001002
Collection Summary:1 ml algae cell culture was collected, 1 ml 70% MeOH (30% dH2O) at -80 C was added to the algae sample. Tubes were spun at 12,000 rcf to pellet for 2 min at 0 C. Supernatant was decanted and pellets stored at -80 before freeze drying at -45 C. Freeze dried samples were stored at -20 C until submission for extraction.
Collection Protocol Filename:StudyDesignBrendanHiggins7252016.pdf
Sample Type:Cultured cells
Volumeoramount Collected:0.11-3 mg
Storage Conditions:-20℃