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MB Sample ID: SA006164

Local Sample ID:140826bmssa09_1
Subject ID:SU000136
Subject Type:Bacterial cells
Subject Species:Salmonella enterica;Escherichia coli
Taxonomy ID:28901|562
Genotype Strain:DM3480|DM14100|Salmonella enterica subsp.enterica serovar Typhimurium str.LT2|K12MG1655| ridA3::MudJ|ridA3::tn10ΔyoaB624::catSTM1549-26::kan| | |yjeF::kan
Species Group:Microorganism

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Sample Preparation:

Sampleprep ID:SP000133
Sampleprep Summary:-
Extraction Method:1 mL of cold, degassed extraction solvent (3:3:2 acetonitrile:isopropanol:water v/v/v) was added to each sample, vortexed for 10 seconds, then shaken at 4C for 4 min. Samples were spun down using a centrifuge at 14 rcf for 2 min. Aliquots (450 uL) were transferred to 1.5 mL eppendorf tubes and dried down using a Labconco centrivap evaporator.
Extract Storage:-80C
Sample Derivatization:10 uL of 40 mg/mL methoxyamine hydrochloride in pyridine was added to room temperature samples and shaken for 90 min at 30C. 91 uL of silyating agent (MSTFA) containing a set of 13 C8 - C30 fatty acid methyl ester internal standards was added and samples were shaken for 30 min at 37C. Derivatized samples were transferred to glass vials with inserts for analysis.
Sample Spiking:Set of 13 C8 - C30 fatty acid methyl esters (FAMES)