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MB Sample ID: SA093069

Local Sample ID:MMV652003_2
Subject ID:SU001346
Subject Type:Cultured cells
Subject Species:Trypanosoma brucei brucei
Taxonomy ID:5702
Genotype Strain:427

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Sample Preparation:

Sampleprep ID:SP001354
Sampleprep Summary:Metabolism was rapidly quenched by rapidly cooling cultures to 4°C in a dry ice and ethanol bath. Cultures were then centrifuged for 10 minutes at 1250g at 4°C. The supernatant was discarded and cells were washed with 1 ml of cold PBS by centrifugation for 1 minute at 2100g at 4°C. The supernatant was removed and cells were extracted with 100 µl extraction solvent containing chloroform: methanol: water (1:3:1 v/v) followed by vortexing at 4 °C for 1 hour. The resulting suspension was centrifuged for 10 minutes at 2100g at 4°C and the supernatant was transferred to glass vials and stored at -80 °C until analysis by liquid chromatography and high-resolution mass spectrometry.