Summary of Study ST001808

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001142. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8368X This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST001808
Study TitleImpact of high intensity and moderate exercise on genomic and metabolic remodeling with age in male mice
Study SummaryHow skeletal muscle adapts to different types of exercise intensity with age is not known. Young and old C57BL/6 male mice were assigned to either a sedentary or two types of exercise regimes consisting of daily high-intensity intermittent (HIIT) or moderate intensity continuous (MICT) training for 4 weeks, compatible with the older group’s exercise capacity. Body composition, fasting blood glucose levels, and muscle strength were improved in exercised old mice compared to sedentary controls, while the exercise benefits were absent in younger animals. Skeletal muscle exhibited structural and functional adaptations in response to exercise, as revealed by electron microscopy, OXPHOS assays, respirometry, and PGC-1 and LC3-II protein levels. Transcriptomics analysis of gastrocnemius muscle combined with liver and serum metabolomics unveiled an age-dependent metabolic remodeling provoked by exercise through mitochondrial biogenesis, energy metabolism, and cellular plasticity. These results are supportive of a tailored exercise prescription approach with the goal of improving health and ameliorating age-associated loss of muscle mass, strength and function in the elderly.
National Institutes of Health
DepartmentExperimental Gerontology Section and Translational Gerontology Branch, NIA
Last Namede Cabo
First NameRafael
Address251 Bayview Blvd. Suite 100/Room 5C214. Baltimore, MD 21224
Submit Date2021-05-27
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)cdf
Analysis Type DetailGC-MS
Release Date2021-09-15
Release Version1
Rafael de Cabo Rafael de Cabo application/zip

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Subject type: Mammal; Subject species: Mus musculus (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id factor
SA16782840 Serum_094Old Acute
SA16782939 Serum_093Old Acute
SA16783038 Serum_092Old Acute
SA16783141 Serum_095Old Acute
SA16783243 Serum_097Old Acute
SA16783345 Serum_099Old Acute
SA16783444 Serum_098Old Acute
SA16783537 Liver_037Old Acute
SA16783642 Serum_096Old Acute
SA16783737 Serum_091Old Acute
SA16783843 Liver_043Old Acute
SA16783944 Liver_044Old Acute
SA16784041 Liver_041Old Acute
SA16784140 Liver_040Old Acute
SA16784238 Liver_038Old Acute
SA16784339 Liver_039Old Acute
SA16784445 Liver_045Old Acute
SA16784542 Liver_042Old Acute
SA16784652 Liver_052Old Chronic
SA16784751 Liver_051Old Chronic
SA16784850 Liver_050Old Chronic
SA16784948 Liver_048Old Chronic
SA16785053 Liver_053Old Chronic
SA16785146 Liver_046Old Chronic
SA16785254 Liver_054Old Chronic
SA16785347 Serum_101Old Chronic
SA16785448 Serum_102Old Chronic
SA16785553 Serum_107Old Chronic
SA16785654 Serum_108Old Chronic
SA16785749 Liver_049Old Chronic
SA16785852 Serum_106Old Chronic
SA16785951 Serum_105Old Chronic
SA16786049 Serum_103Old Chronic
SA16786150 Serum_104Old Chronic
SA16786247 Liver_047Old Chronic
SA16786346 Serum_100Old Chronic
SA16786433 Liver_033Old Control
SA16786532 Liver_032Old Control
SA16786631 Liver_031Old Control
SA16786734 Liver_034Old Control
SA16786835 Liver_035Old Control
SA16786929 Liver_029Old Control
SA16787036 Liver_036Old Control
SA16787129 Serum_083Old Control
SA16787230 Serum_084Old Control
SA16787335 Serum_089Old Control
SA16787436 Serum_090Old Control
SA16787530 Liver_030Old Control
SA16787634 Serum_088Old Control
SA16787733 Serum_087Old Control
SA16787831 Serum_085Old Control
SA16787932 Serum_086Old Control
SA16788028 Liver_028Old Control
SA16788128 Serum_082Old Control
SA16788213 Serum_067Young Acute
SA16788312 Serum_066Young Acute
SA16788411 Serum_065Young Acute
SA16788518 Liver_018Young Acute
SA16788614 Serum_068Young Acute
SA16788715 Serum_069Young Acute
SA16788818 Serum_072Young Acute
SA16788917 Serum_071Young Acute
SA16789016 Serum_070Young Acute
SA16789110 Liver_010Young Acute
SA16789210 Serum_064Young Acute
SA16789313 Liver_013Young Acute
SA16789412 Liver_012Young Acute
SA16789514 Liver_014Young Acute
SA16789615 Liver_015Young Acute
SA16789717 Liver_017Young Acute
SA16789811 Liver_011Young Acute
SA16789916 Liver_016Young Acute
SA16790023 Serum_077Young Chronic
SA16790122 Serum_076Young Chronic
SA16790221 Serum_075Young Chronic
SA16790320 Serum_074Young Chronic
SA16790424 Serum_078Young Chronic
SA16790525 Serum_079Young Chronic
SA16790621 Liver_021Young Chronic
SA16790727 Serum_081Young Chronic
SA16790826 Serum_080Young Chronic
SA16790919 Liver_019Young Chronic
SA16791019 Serum_073Young Chronic
SA16791123 Liver_023Young Chronic
SA16791222 Liver_022Young Chronic
SA16791324 Liver_024Young Chronic
SA16791426 Liver_026Young Chronic
SA16791527 Liver_027Young Chronic
SA16791620 Liver_020Young Chronic
SA16791725 Liver_025Young Chronic
SA1679185 Serum_059Young Control
SA1679194 Serum_058Young Control
SA1679203 Serum_057Young Control
SA1679216 Serum_060Young Control
SA1679227 Serum_061Young Control
SA1679231 Liver_001Young Control
SA1679249 Serum_063Young Control
SA1679258 Serum_062Young Control
SA1679262 Serum_056Young Control
SA1679271 Serum_055Young Control
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