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This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001341. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8CM41 This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST002116
Study TitleComparative NMR metabolomics of the responses of A2780 human ovarian cancer cells to clinically established Pt based drugs
Study SummaryPt based drugs play a very important role in current cancer treatment; yet their cellular and mechanistic aspects are not fully understood. NMR metabolomics provides a powerful tool to investigate the metabolic perturbations induced by Pt drugs in cancer cells and decipher their meaning in relation to the presumed molecular mechanisms. We have carried out a systematic and comparative NMR metabolomics study to analyze the responses of A2780 human ovarian cancer cells to the main clinically established Pt drugs, i.e. cisplatin, carboplatin and oxaliplatin, with a particular attention for the oxaliplatin/cisplatin comparison in view of recently described mechanistic differences. Notably, NMR analysis revealed some moderate and consistent changes in the metabolomic profiles of A2780 cells treated with the 3 Pt drugs with respect to controls but only very small differences among them. Beyond the expected alterations at the level of the nucleic acids the observed changes highlight in all cases induction of a significant ER stress. Owing to the clinical relevance of platinum resistance the behavior of a cisplatin resistant A2780 cancer cell line upon cisplatin treatment was also evaluated.
University of Florence
DepartmentDepartment of Chemistry
Last NameGhini
First NameVeronica
Addressvia Luigi Sacconi 6
Submit Date2022-03-22
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)fid
Analysis Type DetailNMR
Release Date2022-10-03
Release Version1
Veronica Ghini Veronica Ghini application/zip

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Subject type: Cultured cells; Subject species: Homo sapiens (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id sample_type treatment_type treatment_time cell_line
SA202984Cell-CARBO-24h-4lysate carboplatin 24 A2780
SA202985Cell-Carbo-24h-2lysate carboplatin 24 A2780
SA202986Cell-Carbo-24h-1lysate carboplatin 24 A2780
SA202987Cell-Carbo-48h-4lysate carboplatin 48 A2780
SA202988Cell-Carbo-48h-3lysate carboplatin 48 A2780
SA202989Cell-Carbo-48h-1lysate carboplatin 48 A2780
SA202990Cell-CIS-24h-4lysate cisplatin 24 A2780
SA202991Cell-Cis-24h-2lysate cisplatin 24 A2780
SA202992Cell-Cis-24h-1lysate cisplatin 24 A2780
SA202993Cell-Cis-48h-4lysate cisplatin 48 A2780
SA202994Cell-Cis-48h-1lysate cisplatin 48 A2780
SA202995Cell-Cis-48h-3lysate cisplatin 48 A2780
SA202996Cell-Cis-R-48h-3-2810lysate cisplatin 48 A2780cp
SA202997Cell-Cis-R-48h-2-2110lysate cisplatin 48 A2780cp
SA202998Cell-Cis-R-48h-1-1411lysate cisplatin 48 A2780cp
SA202999Cell-Ctr-24h-1lysate control 24 A2780
SA203000Cell-Ctr-24h-4lysate control 24 A2780
SA203001Cell-Ctr-24h-2lysate control 24 A2780
SA203002Cell-Ctr-48h-1lysate control 48 A2780
SA203003Cell-Ctr-48h-4lysate control 48 A2780
SA203004Cell-Ctr-48h-3lysate control 48 A2780
SA203005Cell-Cont-R-48h-1-1411lysate control 48 A2780cp
SA203006Cell-Cont-R-48h-3-2810lysate control 48 A2780cp
SA203007Cell-Cont-R-48h-2-2110lysate control 48 A2780cp
SA203008Cell-Oxa-24h-1lysate oxaliplatin 24 A2780
SA203009Cell-OXA-24h-4lysate oxaliplatin 24 A2780
SA203010Cell-Oxa-24h-2lysate oxaliplatin 24 A2780
SA203011Cell-Oxa-48h-1lysate oxaliplatin 48 A2780
SA203012Cell-Oxa-48h-4lysate oxaliplatin 48 A2780
SA203013Cell-Oxa-48h-3lysate oxaliplatin 48 A2780
SA203014SN-Carbo-24h-4medium carboplatin 24 A2780
SA203015SN-CARBO-24h-1medium carboplatin 24 A2780
SA203016SN-CARBO-24h-2medium carboplatin 24 A2780
SA203017SN-CARBO-48h-1medium carboplatin 48 A2780
SA203018SN-CARBO-48h-4medium carboplatin 48 A2780
SA203019SN-CARBO-48h-3medium carboplatin 48 A2780
SA203020SN-Cis-24h-4medium cisplatin 24 A2780
SA203021SN-CIS-24h-1medium cisplatin 24 A2780
SA203022SN-CIS-24h-2medium cisplatin 24 A2780
SA203023SN-CIS-48h-4medium cisplatin 48 A2780
SA203024SN-CIS-48h-3medium cisplatin 48 A2780
SA203025SN-CIS-48h-1medium cisplatin 48 A2780
SA203026SN-CIS-R-48h-3-2810medium cisplatin 48 A2780cp
SA203027SN-CIS-R-48h-2-2110medium cisplatin 48 A2780cp
SA203028SN-CIS-R-48h-1-1411medium cisplatin 48 A2780cp
SA203029SN-CTR-24h-2medium control 24 A2780
SA203030SN-Ctr-24h-4medium control 24 A2780
SA203031SN-CTR-24h-1medium control 24 A2780
SA203032SN-CTR-48h-3medium control 48 A2780
SA203033SN-CTR-48h-4medium control 48 A2780
SA203034SN-CTR-48h-1medium control 48 A2780
SA203035SN-Cont-R-48h-1-1411medium control 48 A2780cp
SA203036SN-Cont-R-48h-3-2810medium control 48 A2780cp
SA203037SN-Cont-R-48h-2-2110medium control 48 A2780cp
SA203038SN-OXA-24h-1medium oxaliplatin 24 A2780
SA203039SN-Oxa-24h-4medium oxaliplatin 24 A2780
SA203040SN-OXA-24h-2medium oxaliplatin 24 A2780
SA203041SN-OXA-48h-1medium oxaliplatin 48 A2780
SA203042SN-OXA-48h-4medium oxaliplatin 48 A2780
SA203043SN-OXA-48h-3medium oxaliplatin 48 A2780
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