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OPLS-DA analysis for Study ST001274

(Analysis AN002115 )

Select one or more experimental factors for Groups 1 and 2. The members of each group should be DIFFERENT.
Group1Experimental factorGroup2
Drug treatment:DMSO
Drug treatment:MMV099637
Drug treatment:MMV652003
Drug treatment:MMV676600
Drug treatment:MMV676604
Drug treatment:MMV687706
Drug treatment:MMV688179
Drug treatment:MMV688271
Drug treatment:MMV688279
Drug treatment:MMV688467
Drug treatment:MMV688776
Drug treatment:MMV688796
Drug treatment:MMV688797
Drug treatment:MMV688798
Drug treatment:MMV688958
Drug treatment:MMV689028
Drug treatment:MMV689029
Drug treatment:MMV690027
Drug treatment:MMV690028