NMDR Summary table as of 06/16/24
CategoryAll studiesPublic studies
Number of studies in NMDR31802828
Number of human studies in NMDR12651115
Number of samples330943287943
Number of named metabolites submitted to NMDR680735609187
Number of named metabolites mapped to RefMet591565533270
Number of data points for named metabolites5477920348436972
Number of unknown MS features (m/z, rt values) in NMDR80081765625214
Number of Sample sources in NMDR studies263230
Number of Species in NMDR studies305295
Number of Disease associations in NMDR studies214198
Number of Countries represented4644
Number of Institutes represented520485
Number of studies with LC-MS data24092114
Number of studies with GC-MS data476454
Number of studies with NMR data265237
Number of metabolite species names in RefMet170783
Number of metabolite structures in the Metabolite structure database169678
Number of raw files (approximate)450000