Protocol 319:

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File ID319
Metabolite ClassMus musculus metabolites
Sample TypeLiver and Plasma
InstituteUniversity of Michigan
SubmitterUnterman Terry
Date Submitted2015-06-18

Studies that use this protocol

Study ID Study Title Species Institute Analysis
ST000198Liver and Plasma metaboites for 13C-glucose load in wild type, LIRKO and LIRFKO mice Mus musculus University of Michigan MS
ST000199IDH1 and Glioma knockdown idh1 (part II) Homo sapiens University of Michigan MS
ST000211T cell metabolism during graft-versus-host disease (CAB 307)-PART II Mus musculus University of Michigan MS
ST000245Acyl-Carnitine Analysis in mouse soleus muscle Mus musculus University of Michigan MS

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