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    As of 04/23/2019 the NIH Metabolomics Data Repository contains 884 publicly available studies.
    A total of 1115 studies have been processed by the DRCC and the remainder (231) will be made available subject to their embargo dates.

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    09-18-2018 - NIH Metabolomics Data Repository reaches the 1,000 study milestone.
    The Metabolomics Consortium Data Repository and Coordinating Center (DRCC) at the University of California San Diego has recently processed and curated it's 1,000th metabolomics study. This collection of experimental datasets contains submissions from over 200 different institutions around the world and represents over 70 different species with the majority coming from human (47%) and mouse (31%) sample sources. Analytical methods used in these studies include untargeted/targeted LC-MS (67%), GC-MS (21%) and NMR (12%). Studies are available for browsing, analysis and download (subject to embargo release) in the NIH Data Repository section of the website. The DRCC is actively accepting metabolomics data for small and large studies on cells, tissues and organisms via the Metabolomics Workbench. Step-by-step instructions for the study submission are provided on our Upload and Manage Experimental Data and Metadata page.

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