Summary of project PR000001

Project ID: PR000001
Project DOI:doi: 10.21228/M8159B
Project Title:FatB Gene Project
Project Type:Genotype treatment
Project Summary:Experiment to test the consequence of a mutation at the FatB gene (At1g08510) in the wound-response of Arabidopsis
Institute:University of California, Davis
Department:Davis Genome Center
Last Name:Fiehn
First Name:Oliver
Address:451 E. Health Sci. Drive, Davis, CA, 95616, USA
Publications:Quality control for plant metabolomics: reporting MSI-compliant studies. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-313X.2007.03387.x PubMed

Summary of all studies in project PR000001

Study IDStudy TitleSpeciesInstituteAnalysis
(* : Contains Untargted data)
(* : Contains raw data)
ST000001 Fatb Induction Experiment (FatBIE) Arabidopsis thaliana University of California, Davis MS 2013-02-14 1 24 Uploaded data (473K)