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This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001435. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M87D7V This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


Project ID: PR001435
Project DOI:doi: 10.21228/M87D7V
Project Title:Microbiota and Health Study (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Project Type:Metabolomic profiling of human fecal samples
Project Summary:The Microbiota and Health Study ( NCT02361164) was a longitudinal, community-based cohort study in Nandipara, a peri-urban community of Dhaka, Bangladesh conducted from April 2013 to October 2016. 267 newborns born to healthy mothers were followed from birth to two years of age. Fecal samples were collected at birth, during subsequent scheduled visits, and when possible during illness episodes. Active surveillance of diarrheal and respiratory infections was conducted by a community-based team of nurses supervised by a physician. Fecal samples of 222 participants were analyzed by metabolomic profiling.
Institute:Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Last Name:Xavier
First Name:Ramnik
Address:415 Main Street
Funding Source:Generation of metabolomics data was supported by a grant from Nestle
Contributors:Tommi Vatanen, Qi Yan Ang, Léa Siegwald, Shafiqul Alam Sarker, Caroline I. Le Roy, Stéphane Duboux, Omar Delannoy-Bruno, Catherine Ngom-Bru, Claire L. Boulangé, Martin Stražar, Julian Avila-Pacheco, Amy Deik, Kerry Pierce, Kevin Bullock, Courtney Dennis, Shamima Sultana, Sharika Sayed, Mahbubar Rahman, Tahmeed Ahmed, Clary B. Clish, Hera Vlamakis, Damian R. Plichta, Olga Sakwinska, Ramnik J. Xavier

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ST002247 Microbiota and Health Study (Dhaka, Bangladesh) Homo sapiens Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard MS* 2022-11-01 1 1368 Uploaded data (245.4M)