Summary of Study ST000497

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR000374. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8Q60G This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST000497
Study TitleM-CMV infected Nicotiana tabacum
Study TypeLC-MS & GC-MS
Study SummaryM-CMV-infected N. tabacum plants with six symptoms (vein clearing, mosaic, chlorosis, partial green recovery, complete green recovery and secondary mosaic) were analyzed by LC-MS & GC-MS. In addition, the pathogenesis biomarker might be found by this untargeted global metabolomic analysis.
Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine
DepartmentInstitute of Plant Quarantine of China
Last NameLei
First NameRong
AddressRong Hua Nan Lu 11, Yi Zhuang, Beijing, China
Submit Date2016-10-23
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)raw(Thermo)
Analysis Type DetailGC-MS/LC-MS
Release Date2017-11-20
Release Version1
Rong Lei Rong Lei application/zip

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Project ID:PR000374
Project DOI:doi: 10.21228/M8Q60G
Project Title:Metabolomic analysis of Cucumber mosaic virus-infected tobacco plants
Project Type:LC-MS & GC-MS analysis
Project Summary:CMV-infected-Nicotiana tabacum plant with six distinct symptoms, i.e. vein clearing, mosaic, chlorosis, partial green recovery, complete green recovery and secondary mosaic were analyzed by LC-MS and GC-MS.
Institute:Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine
Department:Institute of Plant Quarantine of China
Last Name:Lei
First Name:Rong
Address:Rong Hua Nan Lu 11,, Yizhuang, Beijing, Beijing, 100176, China
Funding Source:National Natural Science Foundation of China (21305131)


Subject ID:SU000518
Subject Type:LC-MS & GC-MS
Subject Species:Nicotiana tabacum
Taxonomy ID:4097
Species Group:Plant


Subject type: LC-MS & GC-MS; Subject species: Nicotiana tabacum (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id Treatment Sample_description
SA025773RFC-11control -
SA025774RFC-12control -
SA025775RIC-22control -
SA025776RIC-21control -
SA025777RFC-21control -
SA025778MLC-21control -
SA025779RIC-12control -
SA025780MLC-22control -
SA025781MLC-12control -
SA025782MLC-11control -
SA025783RFC-22control -
SA025784VC-11control -
SA025785MC-11control -
SA025786MC-12control -
SA025787VC-22control -
SA025788VC-21control -
SA025789VC-12control -
SA025790MC-21control -
SA025791MC-22control -
SA025792WC-22control -
SA025793WC-21control -
SA025794WC-12control -
SA025795WC-11control -
SA025796RIC-11control -
SA025749RF-21Infected complete green recovery
SA025750RF-11Infected complete green recovery
SA025752RF-22Infected complete green recovery
SA025760RF-12Infected complete green recovery
SA025761M-11Infected mosaic
SA025762M-12Infected mosaic
SA025766M-21Infected mosaic
SA025769M-22Infected mosaic
SA025751RI-21Infected patial green recovery
SA025753RI-22Infected patial green recovery
SA025758RI-12Infected patial green recovery
SA025764RI-11Infected patial green recovery
SA025754ML-12Infected secondary mosaic
SA025756ML-22Infected secondary mosaic
SA025757ML-21Infected secondary mosaic
SA025759ML-11Infected secondary mosaic
SA025755V-11Infected vein clearing
SA025763V-22Infected vein clearing
SA025765V-12Infected vein clearing
SA025767V-21Infected vein clearing
SA025768W-22Infected white chlorosis
SA025770W-12Infected white chlorosis
SA025771W-21Infected white chlorosis
SA025772W-11Infected white chlorosis
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Collection ID:CO000512
Collection Summary:LC-MS & GC-MS
Sample Type:Plant


Treatment ID:TR000532
Treatment Summary:Nicotiana tabacum (White Burley) plants were inoculated by M-CMV infected plants.

Sample Preparation:

Sampleprep ID:SP000525
Sampleprep Summary:Samples were prepared using the automated MicroLab STAR® system (Hamilton Company, Salt Lake City, UT). A 6-mg quantity of each lyophilized leaf sample was thawed on ice and extracted using the automated MicroLab STAR system in 400 L of methanol (LC-MS Ultra CHROMASOLV®, Riedel-de Haёn) containing recovery standards. The samples were prepared using a proprietary series of organic and aqueous extractions to remove the protein fraction while maximizing the recovery of small molecules. The resulting extract was divided into two fractions; one for analysis by liquid chromatography (LC) and one for analysis by gas chromatography (GC). The samples were placed briefly on a TurboVap® (Zymark) to remove the organic solvent. Each sample was then frozen and dried under vacuum, followed by preparation for either LC/MS or GC/MS.

Combined analysis:

Analysis ID AN000763 AN000764 AN000765
Analysis type MS MS MS
Chromatography type Reversed phase Reversed phase GC
Chromatography system Waters Acquity Waters Acquity hermo-Finnigan Trace DSQ fast-scanning single-quadrupole mass spectrometer
Column Waters Acquity BEH C18 (100 x 2.1mm,1.7um) Waters Acquity BEH C18 (100 x 2.1mm,1.7um) 5% phenyldimethyl silicone column
MS instrument type Single quadrupole Single quadrupole Single quadrupole
MS instrument name Thermo LTQ Thermo LTQ Thermo Trace DSQ
Units Normalized scale Normalized scale Normalized scale


Chromatography ID:CH000549
Instrument Name:Waters Acquity
Column Name:Waters Acquity BEH C18 (100 x 2.1mm,1.7um)
Chromatography Type:Reversed phase
Chromatography ID:CH000550
Instrument Name:hermo-Finnigan Trace DSQ fast-scanning single-quadrupole mass spectrometer
Column Name:5% phenyldimethyl silicone column
Chromatography Type:GC


MS ID:MS000675
Analysis ID:AN000763
Instrument Name:Thermo LTQ
Instrument Type:Single quadrupole
MS ID:MS000676
Analysis ID:AN000764
Instrument Name:Thermo LTQ
Instrument Type:Single quadrupole
MS ID:MS000677
Analysis ID:AN000765
Instrument Name:Thermo Trace DSQ
Instrument Type:Single quadrupole
MS Type:EI