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Download data matrix(Association of Metabolic Profile and Microbiome in Chronic Pressure Ulcer Wounds NMR 1D-1H)

NMR 1D-1HP1BPatient:Patient 1mM/gm tissue
NMR 1D-1HP1TPatient:Patient 1mM/gm tissue
NMR 1D-1HP2BPatient:Patient 2mM/gm tissue
NMR 1D-1HP2TPatient:Patient 2mM/gm tissue
NMR 1D-1HP3BPatient:Patient 3mM/gm tissue
NMR 1D-1HP3TPatient:Patient 3mM/gm tissue
NMR 1D-1HP4BPatient:Patient 4mM/gm tissue
NMR 1D-1HP4TPatient:Patient 4mM/gm tissue