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Download data matrix(Natural history of the systemic responses to a renal inoculation of uropathogenic E. coli in swine NMR data)

NMR data224_009Timepoint:-uM
NMR data224_013Timepoint:-uM
NMR data224_024Timepoint:-uM
NMR data224_035Timepoint:-uM
NMR data224_001Timepoint:12uM
NMR data224_010Timepoint:12uM
NMR data224_025Timepoint:12uM
NMR data224_097Timepoint:12uM
NMR data224_003Timepoint:6uM
NMR data224_020Timepoint:6uM
NMR data224_079Timepoint:6uM
NMR data224_090Timepoint:6uM