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Samples for study ST000966

Species: Megalobrama amblycephala (Factor headings shown in green)
mb_sample_id Subject name Sample name Experimental variables
SA057744-13Betaine group with 16 weeks
SA057742-14Betaine group with 16 weeks
SA057739-15Betaine group with 16 weeks
SA057740-16Betaine group with 16 weeks
SA057743-17Betaine group with 16 weeks
SA057741-18Betaine group with 16 weeks
SA057746-19Betaine group with 4 weeks
SA057745-20Betaine group with 4 weeks
SA057747-21Betaine group with 4 weeks
SA057748-22Betaine group with 4 weeks
SA057749-23Betaine group with 4 weeks
SA057750-24Betaine group with 4 weeks
SA057756-1Control group
SA057752-2Control group
SA057751-3Control group
SA057753-4Control group
SA057754-5Control group
SA057755-6Control group
SA057757-10High carbohydrates group
SA057759-11High carbohydrates group
SA057760-12High carbohydrates group
SA057762-7High carbohydrates group
SA057761-8High carbohydrates group
SA057758-9High carbohydrates group