RefMet: A Reference list of Metabolite names

  • Mobile phone apps (App. links are active on phones only. Save the URLs below as icons on your home screen):
    • NMDR metabolite summary app. Search over 2,000 studies in NMDR by anlytical technique, sample source, species and metabolite class. Retrieve a summary table sorted by frequency of detection of metabolite species, linked to structures and individual NMDR study information.
    • RefMet search app. Search RefMet by (partial) name and/or neutral mass.
    • RefMet name conversion app. Convert a metabolite name to standardized RefMet nomenclature.
    • RefMet MS search app. Search RefMet with m/z value.
    • Lipid mass/formula app. Calculate lipid neutral mass and m/z for over 160 lipid species.
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