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File ID519
File Nameprotocol.pdf
Metabolite Classfelis catus
Sample TypeExhaled breath condensate and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid
Processsample prep
InstituteUniversity of Missouri-Columbia
SubmitterFulcher Yan
Date Submitted2016-04-08

Studies that use this protocol

Study ID Study Title Species Institute Analysis
ST000016NPM-ALK metabolic regulation Homo sapiens University of Michigan MS
ST000017Rat HCR/LCR Stamina Study Rattus norvegicus University of Michigan MS
ST000041High PUFA diet in humans Homo sapiens University of Michigan MS
ST000042BALF Control vs ALI by RPLC-MS Homo sapiens University of Michigan MS
ST000043MDA-MB-231 cells and p38 gamma knockdown Homo sapiens University of Michigan MS
ST000044Pilot experiment looking for the existence of certain molecules in pancreatic cancer cells Homo sapiens University of Michigan MS
ST000105SCOR Metabolomics Homo sapiens University of Michigan MS
ST000106IWMS Study 1:Weight comparison of obese and lean patients Homo sapiens University of Michigan MS
ST000352Metabolic profiling reveals biochemical pathways and potential biomarkers associated with the pathogenesis of Krabbe disease Mus musculus University at Buffalo MS
ST000406Noninvasive Recognition and Biomarkers of Early Allergic Asthma in Cats using Multivariate Statistics of NMR Spectra of Exhaled Breath Condensate Felis catus University of Missouri-Columbia NMR
ST000487Impacts of high-fat diet (HFD), high-carbohydrate diet (HCD) and high-fat-high-carbohydrate diet (HFHCD) on metabolites in a farmed cyprinid fish Megalobrama amblycephala. Megalobrama amblycephala Huazhong Agricultural University NMR
ST000591Metablomic profiling in acc1-5 mutant and wild type arabidiopsis Arabidopsis thaliana Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada MS
ST000659Changes in metabolites and lipid mediators associated with supervised exercise training for peripheral Homo sapiens University of California, Davis MS

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