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MB Sample ID: SA117945

Local Sample ID:S102
Subject ID:SU001494
Subject Type:Human
Subject Species:Homo sapiens
Taxonomy ID:9606
Age Or Age Range:59 ± 14.6
Gender:Male and female
Human Ethnicity:Asian
Human Medications:All with aspirin and clopidogrel
Human Smoking Status:22.2% were smokers
Human Inclusion Criteria:The inclusion criteria were hospitalized CAD patients with stable angina.
Human Exclusion Criteria:Patient with the lesion of > 90% stenosis or total occlusion, active inflammation (High sensitive C-reactive protein [hsCRP] >1.0 mg/dl), renal disease (serum creatinine > 3.0 mg/dl or ongoing hemodialysis), the onset of cancer in the previous five years, coronary artery bypass grafting, contraindications to iodine media, and severe hepatic insufficiency.

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Combined analysis:

Analysis ID AN002375
Analysis type MS
Chromatography type HILIC
Chromatography system Shimadzu 20AD
Column Shodex ODP2 HP-4B 5um polymer (50 x 4.6mm)
MS instrument type Triple quadrupole
MS instrument name ABI Sciex 6500 QTrap
Units Peak area


Chromatography ID:CH001743
Chromatography Summary:Metabolomic analysis was performed on a Shimadzu LC-20A ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with SCIEX QTRAP 6500+ triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS) using a broad-spectrum targeted metabolomic approach. Ten µL of the extract was injected into a 250 mm × 2.0 mm, 4 µm polymer-based NH2 HPLC column (Asahipak NH2P-40 2E, Showa Denko America, Inc., NY) held at 25°C for chromatographic separation. The mobile phase was solvent A: 95% water, 5% acetonitrile with 20 mM NH4OAC, and 20 mM NH4OH (pH 9.4); solvent B: 100% acetonitrile. Separation was achieved using the following gradient: 0-3.5 min: 95% B, 3.6-8 min: 85% B, 8.1-13 min: 75% B, 14-30 min: 0% B, 31-41 min: 95% B, 41.1 min: end. The flow rate was 250 µL/min.
Instrument Name:Shimadzu 20AD
Column Name:Shodex ODP2 HP-4B 5um polymer (50 x 4.6mm)
Column Temperature:25 ℃
Flow Gradient:0-3.5 min: 95% B, 3.6-8 min: 85% B, 8.1-13 min: 75% B, 14-30 min: 0% B, 31-41 min: 95% B, 41.1 min: end.
Flow Rate:250 µL/min
Solvent A:95% water/5% acetonitrile; 20 mM ammonium hydroxide, pH 9.4 (adjusted by formic acid)
Solvent B:100% acetonitrile
Chromatography Type:HILIC