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MB Sample ID: SA090828

Local Sample ID:MUT_12DFA_01
Subject ID:SU001314
Subject Type:Cultured cells
Subject Species:Homo sapiens
Taxonomy ID:9606

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Collection ID:CO001308
Collection Summary:hESC and hiPSC and cardiac differentiation: The hESC line RUES2 (NIHhESC-09-0013) and hiPSC line WTC #11, previously derived in the Conklin laboratory 83, were cultured on Matrigel growth factor-reduced basement membrane matrix (Corning) in mTeSR media (StemCell Technologies). A monolayer-based directed differentiation protocol was followed to generate hESC-CMs and hiPSC-CMs, as done previously 25. hiPSC-CM cardiolipin assay was done with a small molecule monolayer-based directed differentiation protocol, as done previously 84. 15 days after differentiation hPSC-CMs were enriched for the cardiomyocyte population using a lactate selection process 85. We generated cardiomyocyte populations ranging from 40-60% that were then enriched to 75-80% cardiomyocytes after 4 days of lactate enrichment. METABOLITE EXTRACTION: 1 million cells were extracted with 225 ┬Ál of methanol, after enzymatic lifting from cell culture plates.
Sample Type:Cultured cells