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MB Sample ID: SA090447

Local Sample ID:SPIN_5pos_D21_61-L16-146
Subject ID:SU001310
Subject Type:Human
Subject Species:Homo sapiens
Taxonomy ID:9606
Age Or Age Range:0.5 - 76.5
Gender:Male and female

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Sample Preparation:

Sampleprep ID:SP001318
Sampleprep Summary:For CSF analyses, a volume of 20μL of was extracted in 180μL of ice-cold methanol:acetonitrile:water (5:3:2). Subsequently, these solutions were vortexed for 30 minutes at 4°C. Insoluble proteins were pelleted by centrifugation (10 minutes at 4°C and 12,000 g) and supernatants were collected and stored at -80°C until analysis. For quantitative analysis of kynurenine pathway (KP) metabolites, supernatants were spun in a Speedvac until dry and resuspended in 0.1% formic acid in water as previously described (PMID: 30213797, 30143553).