Summary of Study ST000549

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR000383. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8JG7B This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST000549
Study TitleInvestigating large scale metabolomics in mice serum lacking insulin receptors and IGF-1 receptors
Study SummaryLarge scale metabolomics from control, M-IR-/-, M-IGF1R-/- , and MIGIRKO mice serum. Also compare mice on a chow diet to mice on a high fat diet (HFD).
Mayo Clinic
Last NameO'Neill
First NameBrian
AddressOne Joslin Place, Boston, MA 02215
Submit Date2017-02-03
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2019-03-06
Release Version1
Brian O'Neill Brian O'Neill application/zip

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Subject type: Mouse; Subject species: Mus musculus (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id Group Genotype
SA02832619jan15_08CD Irlox
SA02832705jan15_35-r001CD Irlox
SA02832805jan15_35-r002CD Irlox
SA02832905jan15_25-r001CD Irlox
SA02833019jan15_06CD Irlox
SA02833119jan15_25CD Irlox
SA02833219jan15_65CD Irlox
SA02833305jan15_08-r002CD Irlox
SA02833419jan15_75CD Irlox
SA02833505jan15_25-r002CD Irlox
SA02833619jan15_48CD Irlox
SA02833705jan15_06-r001CD Irlox
SA02833819jan15_46CD Irlox
SA02833905jan15_06-r002CD Irlox
SA02834005jan15_08-r001CD Irlox
SA02834119jan15_35CD Irlox
SA02834219jan15_09Control IGFR lox
SA02834305jan15_13-r001Control IGFR lox
SA02834405jan15_13-r002Control IGFR lox
SA02834519jan15_71Control IGFR lox
SA02834619jan15_13Control IGFR lox
SA02834705jan15_31-r002Control IGFR lox
SA02834819jan15_31Control IGFR lox
SA02834919jan15_53Control IGFR lox
SA02835019jan15_49Control IGFR lox
SA02835105jan15_09-r001Control IGFR lox
SA02835205jan15_31-r001Control IGFR lox
SA02835305jan15_09-r002Control IGFR lox
SA02837019jan15_58Control Irlox
SA02837119jan15_21Control Irlox
SA02837219jan15_61Control Irlox
SA02837319jan15_28Control Irlox
SA02837405jan15_28-r001Control Irlox
SA02837519jan15_60Control Irlox
SA02837619jan15_20Control Irlox
SA02837705jan15_20-r001Control Irlox
SA02837805jan15_18-r002Control Irlox
SA02837905jan15_20-r002Control Irlox
SA02838005jan15_21-r002Control Irlox
SA02838105jan15_28-r002Control Irlox
SA02838205jan15_18-r001Control Irlox
SA02838305jan15_21-r001Control Irlox
SA02838419jan15_68Control Irlox
SA02838519jan15_18Control Irlox
SA02835419jan15_30Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02835519jan15_32Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02835605jan15_27-r002Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02835719jan15_29Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02835819jan15_27Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02835905jan15_27-r001Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02836019jan15_70Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02836105jan15_32-r001Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02836205jan15_30-r002Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02836319jan15_67Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02836419jan15_69Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02836505jan15_30-r001Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02836619jan15_72Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02836705jan15_32-r002Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02836805jan15_29-r001Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02836905jan15_29-r002Control IRlox IGFR lox
SA02838605jan15_39-r001HFD Irlox
SA02838705jan15_39-r002HFD Irlox
SA02838805jan15_40-r001HFD Irlox
SA02838905jan15_04-r002HFD Irlox
SA02839005jan15_40-r002HFD Irlox
SA02839105jan15_38-r002HFD Irlox
SA02839219jan15_44HFD Irlox
SA02839305jan15_10-r002HFD Irlox
SA02839405jan15_11-r001HFD Irlox
SA02839505jan15_11-r002HFD Irlox
SA02839605jan15_10-r001HFD Irlox
SA02839705jan15_38-r001HFD Irlox
SA02839805jan15_04-r001HFD Irlox
SA02839919jan15_51HFD Irlox
SA02840019jan15_11HFD Irlox
SA02840119jan15_10HFD Irlox
SA02840219jan15_04-r001HFD Irlox
SA02840319jan15_50HFD Irlox
SA02840419jan15_78HFD Irlox
SA02840519jan15_79HFD Irlox
SA02840619jan15_38HFD Irlox
SA02840719jan15_39HFD Irlox
SA02840805jan15_23-r002IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02840905jan15_14-r002IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02841005jan15_14-r001IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02841119jan15_12IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02841205jan15_34-r001IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02841319jan15_14IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02841419jan15_74IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02841519jan15_63IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02841605jan15_34-r002IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02841719jan15_52IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02841819jan15_34IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02841919jan15_45IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02842005jan15_05-r002IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02842105jan15_05-r001IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02842219jan15_54IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02842305jan15_23-r001IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02842419jan15_23IGFRKO IGFR -/-
SA02842505jan15_12-r002IGFRKO IGFR -/-
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