Summary of study ST001422

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR000730. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M89X1C This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST001422
Study TitleAspirin Metabolomics in Colorectal Cancer Chemoprevention - blood (part-II)
Study SummarySubstantial evidence supports the effectiveness of aspirin for cancer chemoprevention in addition to its well established role in cardiovascular protection. In recent meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials in human, daily aspirin use reduced incidence, metastasis and mortality from several common types of cancer, especially colorectal cancer. The mechanism(s) by which aspirin exerts an anticancer benefit is uncertain; numerous effects have been described involving both cyclooxygenase-dependent and -independent pathways. The goal of this research is to elucidate the key metabolic changes that are responsible for the anticancer effects of aspirin in humans using untargeted metabolomics analysis. Metabolomics, or global metabolite profiling, is an emerging discipline that has the potential to transform the study of pharmaceutical agents. Our innovative approach will use high-resolution mass spectroscopy to detect thousands of metabolites in blood plasma that were collected from participants in the Aspirin/Folate Polyp Prevention Study, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of aspirin for the prevention of colorectal adenomas. Participants in the trial were assigned with equal probability to three aspirin treatment arms (placebo, 81mg, or 325mg daily). Over the three-year period, 81mg/day of aspirin reduced the risk of adenomas, whereas the 325 mg/day dose had less effect. The aims of the current proposal are to identify metabolomic signatures, including specific metabolites and metabolic pathways, that are associated with aspirin treatment in blood of participants after three years of randomized aspirin treatment; and then to assess the associations of these metabolic signatures with adenoma risk and whether they mediate the reductions in risk due to 81 mg/day aspirin treatment. We will prioritize metabolites for study by evaluating metabolite levels in patients from the placebo and treatment arms while controlling the false discovery rate, use correlation analysis to enhance identification of relevant metabolic modules associated with these prioritized metabolites, and apply pathway mapping with post-hoc application of ion dissociation spectroscopy to representative metabolites to confirm pathway identification. Because aspirin is a multifunctional drug that is thought to modify numerous pathways with potential roles in carcinogenesis, a global discovery-based metabolomics approach is the best way to identify its key activities. The public health significance of this work is substantial because understanding the mechanism of aspirin's anticancer effects is key to optimizing its use and to the development of novel drugs targeting the metabolic pathways identified.
Emory University
DepartmentSchool of Medicine
LaboratoryClincal Biomarkers Laboratory
Last NameUppal
First NameKaran
Address615 Michael St, Suite 225
Phone(404) 727 5027
Submit Date2019-10-31
Total Subjects600
Study CommentsAspirin Metabolomics Priority 1
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s).raw
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2020-07-20
Release Version1
Karan Uppal Karan Uppal application/zip

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Subject type: Human; Subject species: Homo sapiens (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id Sex Treatment
SA11854640002307_1F 325mg
SA11854740003627_1F 325mg
SA118548400106135_1F 325mg
SA11854940003566_1F 325mg
SA118550400106172_1F 325mg
SA118551400106587_1F 325mg
SA118552400106762_1F 325mg
SA11855340005601_1F 325mg
SA11855440001335_1F 325mg
SA11855540005940_1F 325mg
SA11855640005639_1F 325mg
SA118557400106173_1F 325mg
SA11855840006268_1F 325mg
SA11855940006802_1F 325mg
SA11856040003761_1F 325mg
SA11856140006950_1F 325mg
SA11856240005399_1F 325mg
SA11856340005504_1F 325mg
SA11856440000801_1F 325mg
SA118565400105963_1F 325mg
SA11856640003806_1F 325mg
SA11856740001011_1F 325mg
SA11856840001944_1F 325mg
SA11856940005762_1F 325mg
SA118570400105906_1F 325mg
SA11857140003700_1F 325mg
SA118572400106136_1F 325mg
SA11857340003635_1F 325mg
SA118574400106435_1F 325mg
SA118575400106434_1F 325mg
SA11857640006814_1F 325mg
SA11857740002253_1F 325mg
SA11857840000285_1F 325mg
SA118579400106156_1F 325mg
SA11858040002305_1F 325mg
SA11858140002465_1F 325mg
SA11858240015321_1F 325mg
SA11858340000005_1F 325mg
SA11858440001180_1F 325mg
SA11858540001816_1F 325mg
SA11858640003374_1F 325mg
SA11858740003336_1F 325mg
SA11858840001338_1F 325mg
SA11858940015178_1F 325mg
SA118590400106181_1F 325mg
SA11859140002047_1F 325mg
SA118592400106182_1F 325mg
SA11859340005486_1F 325mg
SA118594400106350_1F 325mg
SA11859540006697_1F 325mg
SA118596400106617_1F 325mg
SA11859740003483_1F 325mg
SA11859840003452_1F 325mg
SA11859940000431_1F 325mg
SA11860040001996_1F 325mg
SA11860140001410_1F 325mg
SA11860240005761_1F 325mg
SA11860340002184_1F 325mg
SA11860440006523_1F 325mg
SA11860540006375_1F 325mg
SA118606400105626_1F 325mg
SA118607400106472_1F 325mg
SA11860840005617_1F 325mg
SA11860940006540_1F 325mg
SA11861040005902_1F 325mg
SA11861140005779_1F 325mg
SA118612400106611_1F 325mg
SA11861340005878_1F 325mg
SA11861440001464_1F 325mg
SA11861540000347_1F 325mg
SA11861640006211_1F 325mg
SA11861740015354_1F 325mg
SA11861840000439_1F 81mg
SA11861940002591_1F 81mg
SA11862040001152_1F 81mg
SA11862140001975_1F 81mg
SA11862240000381_1F 81mg
SA118623400106178_1F 81mg
SA11862440006968_1F 81mg
SA11862540005529_1F 81mg
SA11862640007018_1F 81mg
SA11862740006272_1F 81mg
SA11862840001964_1F 81mg
SA11862940003359_1F 81mg
SA11863040006286_1F 81mg
SA11863140001659_1F 81mg
SA11863240000490_1F 81mg
SA11863340006820_1F 81mg
SA11863440006432_1F 81mg
SA11863540001366_1F 81mg
SA118636400106248_1F 81mg
SA11863740003350_1F 81mg
SA11863840000554_1F 81mg
SA11863940015952_1F 81mg
SA11864040002751_1F 81mg
SA11864140006979_1F 81mg
SA11864240001398_1F 81mg
SA11864340001937_1F 81mg
SA11864440000604_1F 81mg
SA11864540000603_1F 81mg
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