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MW REGNO: 37505
Common Name:L-Tryptophan
Systematic Name:(2S)-2-amino-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)propanoic acid
RefMet Name:Tryptophan
Synonyms: [PubChem Synonyms]
Exact Mass:
204.0899 (neutral)    Calculate m/z:
ClassyFire superclass:Organoheterocyclic compounds [C0000002]
ClassyFire class:Indoles and derivatives [C0000211]
ClassyFire subclass:Indolyl carboxylic acids and derivatives [C0001290]
ClassyFire direct parent:Indolyl carboxylic acids and derivatives [C0001290]
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PubChem CID:6305
CHEBI ID:16828
KEGG ID:C00078
Chemspider ID:6066
BMRB ID:bmse001017
MetaCyc ID:TRP
NP-MRD ID(NMR):NP0001161
Plant Metabolite Hub(Pmhub):MS000000358

Calculated physicochemical properties (?):

Heavy Atoms: 15  
Rings: 2  
Aromatic Rings: 2  
Rotatable Bonds: 3  
van der Waals Molecular volume: 178.72 Å3 molecule-1  
Toplogical Polar Sufrace Area: 79.11 Å2 molecule-1  
Hydrogen Bond Donors: 3  
Hydrogen Bond Acceptors: 2  
logP: 1.25  
Molar Refractivity: 58.06  
Fraction sp3 Carbons: 0.18  
sp3 Carbons: 2  

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HMDB and KEGG pathways containing this metabolite

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