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MB Sample ID: SA100975

Local Sample ID:CSH4_Salt-3
Subject ID:SU001456
Subject Type:Bacteria
Subject Species:Escherichia coli
Taxonomy ID:562

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Combined analysis:

Analysis ID AN002303
Analysis type MS
Chromatography type Reversed phase
Chromatography system Thermo Accela 1250
Column Thermo Accucore C18 (100 2.1mm, 2.6um)
MS instrument type Orbitrap
MS instrument name Thermo Q Exactive Orbitrap
Units Peak Intensity


Chromatography ID:CH001692
Chromatography Summary:The acetonitrile:water extracts from parasites were dried under nitrogen flow and resuspended in 200 µls of water:methanol (97:3) containing 10 mM tributylamine and 15 mM acetic acid. A Thermo Accucore C18 column with a bed volume of 150 mm x 2.1 mm and 2.6 µ particle size was used. A solvent system composed of water buffered with 0.1 % formic acid (buffer A) and acetonitrile (buffer B), was used on a 20 minute gradient run with a flow rate of 200 µl/min as follows- hold at 10% acetonitrile for 30 seconds and gradually ramp up to 15%, 20%, 50%, 60% and 90% acetonitrile by 3, 6, 10, 12, 13 minutes, hold at 90% acetonitrile till 15 minutes, ramp down to 10% acetonitrile by 15.5 minutes and hold till 20 minutes.
Instrument Name:Thermo Accela 1250
Column Name:Thermo Accucore C18 (100 2.1mm, 2.6um)
Chromatography Type:Reversed phase