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MB Sample ID: SA032597

Local Sample ID:WT-4
Subject ID:SU000614
Subject Type:Plant
Subject Species:Arabidopsis thaliana
Taxonomy ID:3702
Genotype Strain:Col-0
Age Or Age Range:12 Days after germination
Weight Or Weight Range:50 mg
Species Group:Plant

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Sample Preparation:

Sampleprep ID:SP000621
Sampleprep Summary:50 mg of 12 DAG WT and acc1-5 seedlings were collected and grinded in liquid N2 using a ball-mill. The fine powders were suspended in 1 mL ice cooled methanol: water (4:1) by vortex. The mixtures were sonicated in water bath sonicator for 15 mins and followed by centrifugation at 11,000g for 10 mins at 4 °C. 700 µL of the supernatant was transferred into fresh tubes and evaporated to dryness using a vacufuge at ambient temperature. The residue was re-dissolved in 1:1 mixture of methanol: water and vortexed vigorously. All samples were filtered using 0.2 μm PTFE syringe filter (Whatman) and 5 µL of 1 µg/mL 13C6 phenylalanine internal standard (Cambridge Isotopes, Tewksbury, USA) were added to all samples