Summary of Study ST000325

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR000262. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8X882 This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST000325
Study TitleMetabolomic effects of metformin on mouse liver, intestine, and serum
Study SummaryExperiment to test the different metabolomic effects of two different doses of metformin (50mg vs 150 mg). A saline treatment group was used as a control. The effects were measured at the liver, intestine, and serum of the mouse.
University of California, Davis
DepartmentGenome and Biomedical Sciences Facility
LaboratoryWCMC Metabolomics Core
Last NameFiehn
First NameOliver
Address1315 Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility, 451 Health Sciences Drive, Davis, CA 95616
Phone(530) 754-8258
Submit Date2015-03-16
Num Groups7
Total Subjects53
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)d
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2016-12-22
Release Version1
Oliver Fiehn Oliver Fiehn application/zip

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Project ID:PR000262
Project DOI:doi: 10.21228/M8X882
Project Title:Metabolomic effects of metformin on mouse liver, intestine, and serum
Project Summary:Experiment to test the different metabolomic effects of two different doses of metformin (50mg vs 150mg). A saline treatment group was used as a control. The effects were measured at the liver, intestine, and serum of the mouse.
Institute:University of California, Davis
Department:Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility
Laboratory:WCMC Metabolomics Core
Last Name:Fiehn
First Name:Oliver
Address:1315 Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility, 451 Health Sciences Drive, Davis, CA 95616
Phone:(530) 754-8258
Funding Source:U24DK097154


Subject ID:SU000345
Subject Type:Animal
Subject Species:Mus musculus
Taxonomy ID:10090
Species Group:Mammal


Subject type: Animal; Subject species: Mus musculus (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id Organ Treatment
SA014662Metformin150mg/kg-1I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 150 mg
SA014663Metformin150mg/kg-5I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 150 mg
SA014664Metformin150mg/kg-4I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 150 mg
SA014665Metformin150mg/kg-2I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 150 mg
SA014666Metformin150mg/kg-3I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 150 mg
SA014667Metformin150mg/kg-6I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 150 mg
SA014668Metformin50mg/kg-2I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 50 mg
SA014669Metformin50mg/kg-6I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 50 mg
SA014670Metformin50mg/kg-5I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 50 mg
SA014671Metformin50mg/kg-4I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 50 mg
SA014672Metformin50mg/kg-3I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 50 mg
SA014673Metformin50mg/kg-1I-2meta_intestineintestine Metformin 50 mg
SA014674Saline-4I-2meta_intestineintestine Saline
SA014675Saline-6I-2meta_intestineintestine Saline
SA014676Saline-3I-2meta_intestineintestine Saline
SA014677Saline-2I-2meta_intestineintestine Saline
SA014678Saline-5I-2meta_intestineintestine Saline
SA014679Saline-1I-2meta_intestineintestine Saline
SA014680Metformin150mg/kg-2_liverliver Metformin 150 mg
SA014681Metformin150mg/kg-1_liverliver Metformin 150 mg
SA014682Metformin150mg/kg-3_liverliver Metformin 150 mg
SA014683Metformin150mg/kg-5_liverliver Metformin 150 mg
SA014684Metformin150mg/kg-4_liverliver Metformin 150 mg
SA014685Metformin150mg/kg-6_liverliver Metformin 150 mg
SA014686Metformin50mg/kg-4_liverliver Metformin 50 mg
SA014687Metformin50mg/kg-5_liverliver Metformin 50 mg
SA014688Metformin50mg/kg-2_liverliver Metformin 50 mg
SA014689Metformin50mg/kg-1_liverliver Metformin 50 mg
SA014690Metformin50mg/kg-6_liverliver Metformin 50 mg
SA014691Metformin50mg/kg-3_liverliver Metformin 50 mg
SA014692Saline-4_liverliver Saline
SA014693Saline-6_liverliver Saline
SA014694Saline-5_liverliver Saline
SA014695Saline-3_liverliver Saline
SA014696Saline-2_liverliver Saline
SA014697Saline-1_liverliver Saline
SA014698Metformin150mg/kg-4_serumserum Metformin 150 mg
SA014699Metformin150mg/kg-5_serumserum Metformin 150 mg
SA014700Metformin150mg/kg-2_serumserum Metformin 150 mg
SA014701Metformin150mg/kg-1_serumserum Metformin 150 mg
SA014702Metformin150mg/kg-6_serumserum Metformin 150 mg
SA014703Metformin150mg/kg-3_serumserum Metformin 150 mg
SA014704Metformin50mg/kg-4_serumserum Metformin 50 mg
SA014705Metformin50mg/kg-1_serumserum Metformin 50 mg
SA014706Metformin50mg/kg-6_serumserum Metformin 50 mg
SA014707Metformin50mg/kg-5_serumserum Metformin 50 mg
SA014708Metformin50mg/kg-3_serumserum Metformin 50 mg
SA014709Metformin50mg/kg-2_serumserum Metformin 50 mg
SA014710Saline-2_serumserum Saline
SA014711Saline-1_serumserum Saline
SA014712Saline-3_serumserum Saline
SA014713Saline-5_serumserum Saline
SA014714Saline-6_serumserum Saline
SA014715Saline-4_serumserum Saline
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Collection ID:CO000339
Collection Summary:-
Sample Type:Serum, liver, intestine


Treatment ID:TR000359
Treatment Summary:There are 3 different treatment groups (saline and two different doses of metformin). Each group has 6 mice.
Treatment Protocol Filename:StudyDesign_SookWahYee_7914.pdf

Sample Preparation:

Sampleprep ID:SP000353
Sampleprep Summary:-
Sampleprep Protocol Filename:SOP_Extraction_of_Blood_Samples.pdf

Combined analysis:

Analysis ID AN000518
Analysis type MS
Chromatography type HILIC
Chromatography system Unspecified
Column Waters Acquity BEH Amide (150 x 2.1mm,1.7um)
MS instrument type QTOF
MS instrument name Agilent 6530 QTOF
Units Peak height


Chromatography ID:CH000363
Chromatography Summary:UPLC
Methods Filename:Data_Dictionary_Fiehn_laboratory_HILIC_QTOF_MS.pdf
Instrument Name:Unspecified
Column Name:Waters Acquity BEH Amide (150 x 2.1mm,1.7um)
Column Pressure:200-700 bar
Column Temperature:45 C
Flow Gradient:100% B to 30% B
Flow Rate:0.4 mL/min
Internal Standard:See data dictionary
Retention Time:See data dictionary
Sample Injection:3 uL
Analytical Time:14 min
Capillary Voltage:4500
Time Program:16.75 min
Weak Wash Solvent Name:1:1 ACN:H2O
Weak Wash Volume:5 seconds
Strong Wash Solvent Name:1:1 ACN:H2O
Target Sample Temperature:Autosampler temp 4 C
Randomization Order:Excel
Chromatography Type:HILIC


MS ID:MS000454
Analysis ID:AN000518
Instrument Name:Agilent 6530 QTOF
Instrument Type:QTOF
MS Comments:Lipidomics runs are MS1 data; Identifications made from pooled MS/MS runs
Capillary Voltage:3500
Collision Gas:Nitrogen
Dry Gas Flow:8 l/min
Dry Gas Temp:325
Fragment Voltage:120
Fragmentation Method:Auto MS/MS
Ion Source Temperature:325
Ion Spray Voltage:1000
Precursor Type:Intact Molecule
Reagent Gas:Nitrogen
Source Temperature:325 C
Desolvation Gas Flow:11 l/min
Desolvation Temperature:350 C
Nebulizer:35 psig
Octpole Voltage:750
Resolution Setting:Extended Dynamic Range
Scan Range Moverz:60-1700 Da
Scanning Cycle:2 Hz
Scanning Range:60-1700 Da
Skimmer Voltage:65