Summary of Study ST001523

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001005. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8SH6G This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST001523
Study TitleThe effect of fasting and sirtuin overexpression on serum metabolome.
Study Typeuntargeted metabolomics
Study SummaryThe levels of the sirtuins SIRT1 and SIRT6 are regulated by nutrient availability in several mammalian tissues. In addition, overexpressing SIRT1 in mice improves healthspan, while SIRT6 overexpression increases both healthspan and lifespan. However, little is known about the impact of these sirtuins at the in vivo metabolomics level. Thus, we performed metabolomics on serum taken from 15 months old male mice overexpressing SIRT1, SIRT6 and SIRT1+SIRT6 as well as WT controls. Sera were obtained from mice at three nutritional time points - at fed state, after 4h morning fast and after 16h fast.
Bar Ilan University
DepartmentThe Mina & Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences
LaboratoryLaboratory of Prof. Haim Cohen
Last NameCohen
First NameHaim
AddressBar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel, 5290002
Submit Date2020-09-10
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)cdf
Analysis Type DetailGC-MS
Release Date2021-03-11
Release Version1
Haim Cohen Haim Cohen application/zip

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Subject type: Mammal; Subject species: Mus musculus (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id Treamtent group
SA128376(20) 1+6 16h_072Sirt1+6 OE - 16h fast
SA128377(39) 1+6 16h_075Sirt1+6 OE - 16h fast
SA128378(16) 1+6 16h_071Sirt1+6 OE - 16h fast
SA128379(28) 1+6 16h_073Sirt1+6 OE - 16h fast
SA128380(36) 1+6 16h_074Sirt1+6 OE - 16h fast
SA128381(16) 1+6 4h_066Sirt1+6 OE - 4h fast
SA128382(20) 1+6 4h_067Sirt1+6 OE - 4h fast
SA128383(28) 1+6 4h_068Sirt1+6 OE - 4h fast
SA128384(39) 1+6 4h_070Sirt1+6 OE - 4h fast
SA128385(36) 1+6 4h_069Sirt1+6 OE - 4h fast
SA128386(20) 1+6 fed_062Sirt1+6 OE - fed
SA128387(28) 1+6 fed_063Sirt1+6 OE - fed
SA128388(16) 1+6 fed_061Sirt1+6 OE - fed
SA128389(36) 1+6 fed_064Sirt1+6 OE - fed
SA128390(39) 1+6 fed_065Sirt1+6 OE - fed
SA128355(21) 1 16h_039Sirt1 OE - 16h fast
SA128356(8) 1 16h_037Sirt1 OE - 16h fast
SA128357(35) 1 16h_040Sirt1 OE - 16h fast
SA128358(52) 1 16h_041Sirt1 OE - 16h fast
SA128359(55) 1 16h_042Sirt1 OE - 16h fast
SA128360(6) 1 16h_036Sirt1 OE - 16h fast
SA128361(17) 1 16h_038Sirt1 OE - 16h fast
SA128362(35) 1 4h_033Sirt1 OE - 4h fast
SA128363(17) 1 4h_031Sirt1 OE - 4h fast
SA128364(8) 1 4h_030Sirt1 OE - 4h fast
SA128365(6) 1 4h_029Sirt1 OE - 4h fast
SA128366(52) 1 4h_034Sirt1 OE - 4h fast
SA128367(21) 1 4h_032Sirt1 OE - 4h fast
SA128368(55) 1 4h_035Sirt1 OE - 4h fast
SA128369(55) 1 fed_028Sirt1 OE - fed
SA128370(6) 1 fed_022Sirt1 OE - fed
SA128371(17) 1 fed_024Sirt1 OE - fed
SA128372(21) 1 fed_025Sirt1 OE - fed
SA128373(35) 1 fed_026Sirt1 OE - fed
SA128374(52) 1 fed_027Sirt1 OE - fed
SA128375(8) 1 fed_023Sirt1 OE - fed
SA128391(14) 6 16h_056Sirt6 OE - 16h fast
SA128392(13) 6 16h_055Sirt6 OE - 16h fast
SA128393(19) 6 16h_058Sirt6 OE - 16h fast
SA128394(15) 6 16h_057Sirt6 OE - 16h fast
SA128395(29) 6 16h_059Sirt6 OE - 16h fast
SA128396(38) 6 16h_060Sirt6 OE - 16h fast
SA128397(19) 6 4h_052Sirt6 OE - 4h fast
SA128398(15) 6 4h_051Sirt6 OE - 4h fast
SA128399(38) 6 4h_054Sirt6 OE - 4h fast
SA128400(14) 6 4h_050Sirt6 OE - 4h fast
SA128401(29) 6 4h_053Sirt6 OE - 4h fast
SA128402(13) 6 4h_049Sirt6 OE - 4h fast
SA128403(15) 6 fed_045Sirt6 OE - fed
SA128404(14) 6 fed_044Sirt6 OE - fed
SA128405(19) 6 fed_046Sirt6 OE - fed
SA128406(13) 6 fed_043Sirt6 OE - fed
SA128407(29) 6 fed_047Sirt6 OE - fed
SA128408(38) 6 fed_048Sirt6 OE - fed
SA128409(18) WT 16h_017WT - 16h fast
SA128410(7) WT 16h_015WT - 16h fast
SA128411(65) WT 16h_021WT - 16h fast
SA128412(9) WT 16h_016WT - 16h fast
SA128413(48) WT 16h_019WT - 16h fast
SA128414(27) WT 16h_018WT - 16h fast
SA128415(56) WT 16h_020WT - 16h fast
SA128416(65) WT 4h_014WT - 4h fast
SA128417(48) WT 4h_012WT - 4h fast
SA128418(18) WT 4h_010WT - 4h fast
SA128419(9) WT 4h_009WT - 4h fast
SA128420(27) WT 4h_011WT - 4h fast
SA128421(56) WT 4h_013WT - 4h fast
SA128422(7) WT 4h_008WT - 4h fast
SA128423(9) WT fed_002WT - Fed
SA128424(18) WT fed_003WT - Fed
SA128425(65) WT fed_007WT - Fed
SA128426(7) WT fed_001WT - Fed
SA128427(56) WT fed_006WT - Fed
SA128428(48) WT fed_005WT - Fed
SA128429(27) WT fed_004WT - Fed
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