Summary of Study ST002063

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001306. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8WT4R This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST002063
Study TitleIntravenous lipopolysaccharide infusion and the bovine metabolome
Study TypeMS plasma lipidomics and metabolomics
Study SummaryThe effects of lipopolysaccharides (i.e., endotoxin; LPS) on metabolism are poorly defined in lactating dairy cattle experiencing hyperlipidemia. Our objective was to explore the effects of acute intravenous LPS administration on metabolism in late-lactation Holstein cows experiencing hyperlipidemia. Ten non-pregnant lactating Holstein cows (273 ± 35 d in milk) were administered a single bolus of saline (3 mL of saline; n = 5) or LPS (0.375 μg of LPS/kg of body weight; n = 5). Simultaneously, cows were intravenously infused a triglyceride emulsion and fasted for 16 h to induce hyperlipidemia in an attempt to model the periparturient period. Blood was sampled at routine intervals. Changes in circulating total fatty acid concentrations and inflammatory parameters were measured. Plasma samples were analyzed using untargeted lipidomics and metabolomics. Endotoxin increased circulating serum amyloid A, LPS-binding protein, and cortisol concentrations. Endotoxin administration decreased plasma lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) concentrations and increased select plasma ceramide concentrations. These outcomes suggest modulation of the immune response and insulin action. Lipopolysaccharide decreased the ratio of phosphatidylcholine to phosphatidylethanomanine, which potentially indicate a decrease in the hepatic activation of phosphatidylethanolamine N-methyltransferase and triglyceride export. Endotoxin administration also increased plasma concentrations of pyruvic and lactic acids, and decreased plasma citric acid concentrations, which implicate the upregulation of glycolysis and downregulation of the citric acid cycle (i.e., the Warburg effect), potentially in leukocytes. Acute intravenous LPS administration decreased circulating LPC concentrations, modified ceramide and glycerophospholipid concentrations, and influenced intermediary metabolism in dairy cows experiencing hyperlipidemia.
Cornell University
DepartmentAnimal Science
LaboratoryMcFadden lab
Last NameJavaid
First NameAwais
Address400 Warren Rd, Ithaca, New York, 14850, USA
Submit Date2022-01-09
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)mzXML
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2022-06-30
Release Version1
Awais Javaid Awais Javaid application/zip

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Subject type: Mammal; Subject species: Bos taurus (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id Time Treatment Category
SA194101233-10336_CON-IL_12.raw12 CON Lipidomics
SA194102234-9855_CON-IL_12.raw12 CON Lipidomics
SA194103231-9852_CON-IL_12.raw12 CON Lipidomics
SA194104230-9609_CON-IL_12.raw12 CON Lipidomics
SA194105232-9610_CON-IL_12.raw12 CON Lipidomics
SA194106238-9785_LPS-IL_12.raw12 LPS Lipidomics
SA194107237-10008_LPS-IL_12.raw12 LPS Lipidomics
SA194108235-10218_LPS-IL_12.raw12 LPS Lipidomics
SA194109239-10103_LPS-IL_12.raw12 LPS Lipidomics
SA194110236-8473_LPS-IL_12.raw12 LPS Lipidomics
SA194111241-9852_CON-IL_16.raw16 CON Lipidomics
SA194112240-9609_CON-IL_16.raw16 CON Lipidomics
SA194113244-9855_CON-IL_16.raw16 CON Lipidomics
SA194114242-9610_CON-IL_16.raw16 CON Lipidomics
SA194115243-10336_CON-IL_16.raw16 CON Lipidomics
SA1941169609CON-IL-16_NEG.raw16 CON Metabolomics
SA1941179852CON-IL-16_NEG.raw16 CON Metabolomics
SA1941189855CON-IL-16_NEG.raw16 CON Metabolomics
SA19411910336CON-IL-16_NEG.raw16 CON Metabolomics
SA1941209610CON-IL-16_NEG.raw16 CON Metabolomics
SA194121249-10103_LPS-IL_16.raw16 LPS Lipidomics
SA194122245-10218_LPS-IL_16.raw16 LPS Lipidomics
SA194123246-8473_LPS-IL_16.raw16 LPS Lipidomics
SA194124248-9785_LPS-IL_16.raw16 LPS Lipidomics
SA194125247-10008_LPS-IL_16.raw16 LPS Lipidomics
SA19412610218LPS-IL-16_NEG.raw16 LPS Metabolomics
SA19412710103LPS-IL-16_NEG.raw16 LPS Metabolomics
SA1941288473LPS-IL-16_NEG.raw16 LPS Metabolomics
SA1941299785LPS-IL-16_NEG.raw16 LPS Metabolomics
SA19413010008LPS-IL-16_NEG.raw16 LPS Metabolomics
SA194131251-9852_CON-IL_24.raw24 CON Lipidomics
SA194132254-9855_CON-IL_24.raw24 CON Lipidomics
SA194133250-9609_CON-IL_24.raw24 CON Lipidomics
SA194134253-10336_CON-IL_24.raw24 CON Lipidomics
SA194135252-9610_CON-IL_24.raw24 CON Lipidomics
SA194136257-10008_LPS-IL_24.raw24 LPS Lipidomics
SA194137259-10103_LPS-IL_24.raw24 LPS Lipidomics
SA194138255-10218_LPS-IL_24.raw24 LPS Lipidomics
SA194139258-9785_LPS-IL_24.raw24 LPS Lipidomics
SA194140256-8473_LPS-IL_24.raw24 LPS Lipidomics
SA194141264-9855_CON-IL_48.raw48 CON Lipidomics
SA194142260-9609_CON-IL_48.raw48 CON Lipidomics
SA194143262-9610_CON-IL_48.raw48 CON Lipidomics
SA194144261-9852_CON-IL_48.raw48 CON Lipidomics
SA194145263-10336_CON-IL_48.raw48 CON Lipidomics
SA194146265-10218_LPS-IL_48.raw48 LPS Lipidomics
SA194147266-8473_LPS-IL_48.raw48 LPS Lipidomics
SA194148267-10008_LPS-IL_48.raw48 LPS Lipidomics
SA194149269-10103_LPS-IL_48.raw48 LPS Lipidomics
SA194150268-9785_LPS-IL_48.raw48 LPS Lipidomics
SA194151211-9852_CON-IL_4.raw4 CON Lipidomics
SA194152210-9609_CON-IL_4.raw4 CON Lipidomics
SA194153214-9855_CON-IL_4.raw4 CON Lipidomics
SA194154213-10336_CON-IL_4.raw4 CON Lipidomics
SA194155212-9610_CON-IL_4.raw4 CON Lipidomics
SA194156216-8473_LPS-IL_4.raw4 LPS Lipidomics
SA194157218-9785_LPS-IL_4.raw4 LPS Lipidomics
SA194158217-10008_LPS-IL_4.raw4 LPS Lipidomics
SA194159215-10218_LPS-IL_4.raw4 LPS Lipidomics
SA194160219-10103_LPS-IL_4.raw4 LPS Lipidomics
SA194161222-9610_CON-IL_8.raw8 CON Lipidomics
SA194162220-9609_CON-IL_8.raw8 CON Lipidomics
SA194163224-9855_CON-IL_8.raw8 CON Lipidomics
SA194164223-10336_CON-IL_8.raw8 CON Lipidomics
SA194165221-9852_CON-IL_8.raw8 CON Lipidomics
SA1941669855CON-IL-8_NEG.raw8 CON Metabolomics
SA19416710336CON-IL-8_NEG.raw8 CON Metabolomics
SA1941689852CON-IL-8_NEG.raw8 CON Metabolomics
SA1941699609CON-IL-8_NEG.raw8 CON Metabolomics
SA1941709610CON-IL-8_NEG.raw8 CON Metabolomics
SA194171227-10008_LPS-IL_8.raw8 LPS Lipidomics
SA194172229-10103_LPS-IL_8.raw8 LPS Lipidomics
SA194173228-9785_LPS-IL_8.raw8 LPS Lipidomics
SA194174226-8473_LPS-IL_8.raw8 LPS Lipidomics
SA194175225-10218_LPS-IL_8.raw8 LPS Lipidomics
SA1941768473LPS-IL-8_NEG.raw8 LPS Metabolomics
SA1941779785LPS-IL-8_NEG.raw8 LPS Metabolomics
SA19417810103LPS-IL-8_NEG.raw8 LPS Metabolomics
SA19417910008LPS-IL-8_NEG.raw8 LPS Metabolomics
SA19418010218LPS-IL-8_NEG.raw8 LPS Metabolomics
SA194098QC_3_NEG.raw. . Metabolomics
SA194099QC_1_NEG.raw. . Metabolomics
SA194100QC_2_NEG.raw. . Metabolomics
SA194078202-9610_CON-IL_0.raw- CON Lipidomics
SA194079204-9855_CON-IL_0.raw- CON Lipidomics
SA194080200-9609_CON-IL_0.raw- CON Lipidomics
SA194081201-9852_CON-IL_0.raw- CON Lipidomics
SA194082203-10336_CON-IL_0.raw- CON Lipidomics
SA19408310336CON-IL-0_NEG.raw- CON Metabolomics
SA1940849610CON-IL-0_NEG.raw- CON Metabolomics
SA1940859852CON-IL-0_NEG.raw- CON Metabolomics
SA1940869855CON-IL-0_NEG.raw- CON Metabolomics
SA1940879609CON-IL-0_NEG.raw- CON Metabolomics
SA194088206-8473_LPS-IL_0.raw- LPS Lipidomics
SA194089209-10103_LPS-IL_0.raw- LPS Lipidomics
SA194090208-9785_LPS-IL_0.raw- LPS Lipidomics
SA194091205-10218_LPS-IL_0.raw- LPS Lipidomics
SA194092207-10008_LPS-IL_0.raw- LPS Lipidomics
SA19409310008LPS-IL-0_NEG.raw- LPS Metabolomics
SA1940948473LPS-IL-0_NEG.raw- LPS Metabolomics
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