How to Cite the Metabolomics Workbench

How to Cite Metabolomics Workbench Data

Please use the following language to cite data downloaded from the Metabolomics Workbench:

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's Data Repository and Coordinating Center (supported by NIH grant, U01-DK097430) website,, where it has been assigned a Metabolomics Workbench Project ID: (insert Project ID here). The data is directly accessible at http:/// Project ID here).

Please see the project summary page for other publications related to the given data set, which may also be appropriate to cite. 

Please refer to our Data FAQ for information regarding how to cite data you have deposited with the Metabolomics Workbench.

How to Cite Metabolomics Workbench as a General Resource

Please cite the Metabolomics Workbench as:

"The Metabolomics Workbench,"

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