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MB Sample ID: SA113196

Local Sample ID:224_035
Subject ID:SU001464
Subject Type:Mammal
Subject Species:Sus scrofa
Taxonomy ID:9823

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Collection ID:CO001459
Collection Summary:Whole blood (WB) samples were collected from the indwelling line in the internal jugular vein. Blood was collected into 4ml Vacutainer tubes containing sodium heparin. Following collection, tubes were inverted several times to ensure adequate mixing and were immediately placed on ice. Each of two 600uL aliquots were added to screw-top cryogenic storage tubes and flash frozen in liquid nitrogen. Frozen samples were placed on dry ice until the completion of the experiment at which time they were transferred to storage in liquid nitrogen and stored until the time of assay. The remaining whole blood volume in the collection tube was centrifuged (1300g for 10 min at 4C). Aliquots of plasma(~600uL) were transferred into screw-top cryogenic storage tubes, flash frozen in liquid nitrogen, placed on dry ice, and stored in liquid nitrogen for future assays.
Sample Type:Blood (whole)
Storage Conditions:Described in summary