Summary of Study ST001644

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001052. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8QD76 This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST001644
Study TitleIn Vitro Characterization and Metabolomic Analysis of Cold-Stored Platelets
Study SummaryPlatelet concentrates are currently stored at room temperature (RPs) under constant agitation for up to 5-7 days depending on national regulations. However, platelet quality deteriorates during storage and room temperature storage also increases the risk of bacterial growth. Previous studies have shown that cold-stored platelets (CPs) have higher hemostatic function and can be stored for up to three weeks. While these studies have compared the metabolic phenotypes of CPs and RPs, they have not compared the impact of storage temperature and cold agitation (CPAs) on platelet function, nor have they identified metabolic correlates to such parameters. In vitro analysis showed CPAs and CPs had reduced count, faster CD62P expression and increased lactadherin binding. Furthermore, CPAs and CPs had higher maximal aggregation and a reduced aggregation lag phase compared to RPs. Metabolomic analysis revealed CPAs and CPs exhibited lower oxidative stress shown by preserved glutathione and pentose phosphate pools. CPAs and CPs also had reduced markers of beta-oxidation and amino acid catabolism demonstrating reduced needs for energy. Agitation did not significantly impact in vitro function or metabolomic parameters of cold-stored platelets. Correlation of in vitro and metabolomic results highlighted important metabolites that may contribute to stored platelet functions.
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
DepartmentBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
LaboratoryAngelo D'Alessandro
Last NameD'Alessandro
First NameAngelo
Address12801 E 17th Ave L18-9403D
Submit Date2021-01-08
Num Groups3
Total Subjects8
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)raw(Thermo)
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2021-01-25
Release Version1
Angelo D'Alessandro Angelo D'Alessandro application/zip

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Subject type: Human; Subject species: Homo sapiens (Factor headings shown in green)

mb_sample_id local_sample_id Treatment Day
SA15130060_B6_D14_4NS+4NS 14
SA15130170_B7_D14_4NS+4NS 14
SA15130280_B8_D14_4NS+4NS 14
SA15130350_B5_D14_4NS+4NS 14
SA15130440_B4_D14_4NS+4NS 14
SA15130520_B2_D14_4NS+4NS 14
SA15130610_B1_D14_4NS+4NS 14
SA15130710_B1_D14_4NS-4NS 14
SA15130820_B2_D14_4NS-4NS 14
SA15130960_B6_D14_4NS-4NS 14
SA15131070_B7_D14_4NS-4NS 14
SA15131180_B8_D14_4NS-4NS 14
SA15131250_B5_D14_4NS-4NS 14
SA15131340_B4_D14_4NS-4NS 14
SA15131430_B3_D14_4NS+4NS 14
SA15131530_B3_D14_4NS-4NS 14
SA1513164_B1_D2_4NS+4NS 2
SA15131744_B5_D2_4NS+4NS 2
SA15131834_B4_D2_4NS+4NS 2
SA15131924_B3_D2_4NS+4NS 2
SA1513204_B1_D2_4NS-4NS 2
SA15132154_B6_D2_4NS+4NS 2
SA15132264_B7_D2_4NS+4NS 2
SA15132374_B8_D2_4NS+4NS 2
SA15132414_B2_D2_4NS-4NS 2
SA15132554_B6_D2_4NS-4NS 2
SA15132664_B7_D2_4NS-4NS 2
SA15132744_B5_D2_4NS-4NS 2
SA15132874_B8_D2_4NS-4NS 2
SA15132914_B2_D2_4NS+4NS 2
SA15133024_B3_D2_4NS-4NS 2
SA15133134_B4_D2_4NS-4NS 2
SA15133237_B4_D7_4NS-4NS 7
SA1513337_B1_D7_4NS+4NS 7
SA15133447_B5_D7_4NS-4NS 7
SA15133527_B3_D7_4NS-4NS 7
SA15133667_B7_D7_4NS-4NS 7
SA15133717_B2_D7_4NS+4NS 7
SA15133877_B8_D7_4NS-4NS 7
SA15133957_B6_D7_4NS-4NS 7
SA15134067_B7_D7_4NS+4NS 7
SA15134117_B2_D7_4NS-4NS 7
SA1513427_B1_D7_4NS-4NS 7
SA15134377_B8_D7_4NS+4NS 7
SA15134457_B6_D7_4NS+4NS 7
SA15134537_B4_D7_4NS+4NS 7
SA15134647_B5_D7_4NS+4NS 7
SA15134727_B3_D7_4NS+4NS 7
SA15134879_B8_D14_4S+4S 14
SA1513499_B1_D14_4S-4S 14
SA15135069_B7_D14_4S+4S 14
SA15135119_B2_D14_4S-4S 14
SA1513529_B1_D14_4S+4S 14
SA15135339_B4_D14_4S-4S 14
SA15135449_B5_D14_4S-4S 14
SA15135559_B6_D14_4S-4S 14
SA15135669_B7_D14_4S-4S 14
SA15135729_B3_D14_4S-4S 14
SA15135859_B6_D14_4S+4S 14
SA15135949_B5_D14_4S+4S 14
SA15136039_B4_D14_4S+4S 14
SA15136129_B3_D14_4S+4S 14
SA15136219_B2_D14_4S+4S 14
SA15136379_B8_D14_4S-4S 14
SA15136453_B6_D2_4S-4S 2
SA15136523_B3_D2_4S-4S 2
SA15136613_B2_D2_4S-4S 2
SA15136733_B4_D2_4S-4S 2
SA15136843_B5_D2_4S-4S 2
SA15136963_B7_D2_4S-4S 2
SA15137013_B2_D2_4S+4S 2
SA15137173_B8_D2_4S-4S 2
SA1513723_B1_D2_4S+4S 2
SA15137373_B8_D2_4S+4S 2
SA15137423_B3_D2_4S+4S 2
SA15137563_B7_D2_4S+4S 2
SA1513763_B1_D2_4S-4S 2
SA15137733_B4_D2_4S+4S 2
SA15137843_B5_D2_4S+4S 2
SA15137953_B6_D2_4S+4S 2
SA15138026_B3_D7_4S+4S 7
SA15138146_B5_D7_4S+4S 7
SA15138236_B4_D7_4S+4S 7
SA15138366_B7_D7_4S+4S 7
SA1513846_B1_D7_4S-4S 7
SA15138576_B8_D7_4S+4S 7
SA15138656_B6_D7_4S+4S 7
SA15138746_B5_D7_4S-4S 7
SA15138876_B8_D7_4S-4S 7
SA15138916_B2_D7_4S+4S 7
SA1513906_B1_D7_4S+4S 7
SA15139166_B7_D7_4S-4S 7
SA15139256_B6_D7_4S-4S 7
SA15139326_B3_D7_4S-4S 7
SA15139436_B4_D7_4S-4S 7
SA15139516_B2_D7_4S-4S 7
SA1513961_B1_D1_RT-RT 1
SA15139721_B3_D1_RT-RT 1
SA15139811_B2_D1_RT-RT 1
SA15139931_B4_D1_RT-RT 1
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