Summary of Study ST001738

This data is available at the NIH Common Fund's National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR) website, the Metabolomics Workbench,, where it has been assigned Project ID PR001112. The data can be accessed directly via it's Project DOI: 10.21228/M8ZM49 This work is supported by NIH grant, U2C- DK119886.


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Study IDST001738
Study TitleAdipoAtlas: A Reference Lipidome for Human White Adipose Tissue
Study SummaryObesity, characterized by expansion and metabolic dysregulation of white adipose tissue (WAT), has reached pandemic proportions and acts as a primer for a wide range of metabolic disorders. Remodelling of WAT lipidome in obesity and associated comorbidities can explain disease etiology and provide valuable diagnostic and prognostic markers. To support understanding of WAT lipidome remodelling at molecular level, we performed in-depth lipidomics profiling of human subcutaneous and visceral WAT of lean and obese individuals. Tissue-tailored preanalytical and analytical workflows allowed accurate identification and semi-absolute quantification of 1636 and 737 lipid molecular species, respectively, and summarized here in a form of human WAT reference lipidome. Deep lipidomic profiling allowed to identify main lipid (sub)classes undergoing depot/phenotype specific remodelling. Furthermore, previously unanticipated diversity of WAT ceramides was uncovered. AdipoAtlas reference lipidome will serve as a data-rich resource for development of WAT-specific high-throughput methods and as a scaffold for systems medicine data integration.
University of Leipzig
DepartmentFaculty for Chemistry and Mineralogy, Biotechnological-Biomedical Center
LaboratoryFedorova Lab
Last NameFedorova
First NameMaria
AddressDeutscher Platz 5
Submit Date2021-01-11
Num Groups4
Study CommentsPools of subcutaneous and visceral white adipose tissue were generated from lean patients (BMI < 25; n=5) and obese (BMI > 40; n=81)
Raw Data AvailableYes
Raw Data File Type(s)mzML
Analysis Type DetailLC-MS
Release Date2021-04-23
Release Version1
Maria Fedorova Maria Fedorova application/zip

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Project ID:PR001112
Project DOI:doi: 10.21228/M8ZM49
Project Title:AdipoAtlas: A reference lipidome for human white adipose tissue
Project Summary:Global lipidome profiling of the human white adipose tissue lipidome was performed using an optimized lipid extraction and fractionation protocol. Several chromatographic separation modes (HILIC, C18 RPC, C30 RPC) were used to enable high resolution of polar, amphiphilic and unpolar lipids. Two MS platforms (QExactive; Orbitrap Fusion Lumos) were used in various acquisition modes (DDA, Acquire X, PRM) to allow for the high lipid identification rates. Subsequently the global lipidome of visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue of lean and obese individuals was quantified by MS (full MS on QExactive in positive and negative polarity and PRM in positive polarity).
Institute:University of Leipzig
Department:Faculty for Chemistry and Mineralogy, Biotechnological-Biomedical Center
Laboratory:Fedorova Lab
Last Name:Fedorova
First Name:Maria
Address:Deutscher Platz 5